Saturday, April 21, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Chris and I have been quite busy with Spring cleaning. We are not the kind to keep clutter, so we are going through the rooms of the house one by one (and the outside sheds) and organizing, Goodwill-ing and vacuum-bagging. Our closet was probably the funnest so far (like cleaning is really fun, huh?!). We have so much more space. Chris even said to me "I have more room on my shoe shelves so you can use my side too". Lucky for him, I don't need more space at this time, but that does open the door for a girl to get more shoes just to fill the space. I declined the urge to get more. So far we've only done a couple of rooms, but we feel quite accomplished. I guess we tackled the biggest rooms first. Also, we are looking at each room with a decorative eye. We are rearranging pictures and furniture. Sounds like a great project for a 8 1/2 month prego lady to do, huh?!
Today we are working on the shed...yikes. It looks so much better and now it is ready for more stuff to be crammed in there in the near future. You know, kids really do have a lot of stuff...and they really don't use it for all that long (walkers, strollers, bikes, clothes, you get the point. Your shed/garage probably looks the same as ours).
Anyway, long post short...I recommend that everyone take a critical eye to the house at least once every couple of years, but if you it once per year. It has been a great project!!


jacquelyn said...

hey, thanks for signing our guestbook, part of me is glad i havent popped, but part of me is sooo ready! (=
you should see our garage, we are the biggest pack rats...if someone is throwing something away, we always end up taking it home! it is a horrible habit (= someday we will hopefully do some spring cleaning.

The Eddy's said...

So, I commented to your comment on my blog, thought I'd say it here so that you'd actually get it...Our trip was almost all I wanted it to be...not quite 'cause I didn't get to see YOU!!! : (

Jenni said...

What fun! I am doing that organizing thing constantly around here. It comes out of necessity when you have six people living in a 750 square foot house! Way to go Robin! You are getting so close to having your baby, did you have Ethen on time or late? Any feelings about this one?

ethensMOMMY said...

I was 2 weeks overdue (at 1st, we thought only 1 week, but when we saw him after he came out, we decided 2). I am pretty set on a scheduled c-section.