Friday, June 29, 2007

Nightime Gardening...

Tonight I felt a little silly doing my gardening at 9pm, but it was when I had the time. Ethen was in bed, Judah was working his way to sleep, and Chris is at a prayer night with the men at, what better time. The laundry is done, the dishes are done, dogs are fed, house is for the most part it made perfect sense.

I made up 3 hanging baskets for my front porch and hung them. Then I cleaned up my rose bushes. They seem to shed a flowers worth of petals a day. Chris and I snugged in our rocks that were lining our flower beds and little grass is growing already. Way to go babe...we both have green thumbs! I also trimmed and cleaned up my front flower bed.

I have decided (and discovered) that I really enjoy gardening. It is so fun to see that I can make a garden/flowerbed from 'my own two hands'. I know that the Lord is the real creator, but it is so neat to see that I can garden too. I thought that you had to be super-duper-green-thumb lady/man to get anything to grow, but even through my trial and error, I have quite the garden. I am growing: lettuce (3 kinds), cucumbers, pumpkins, rosemary, cilantro (a lot of it), carrots, strawberries, tomatoes, green peppers, jalepenos, garlic, onions, spearmint and rhubarb. This winter it's my goal to put in a raspberry bush, but we'll see. I am pretty limited on space.

Some of the fun things for me about garnding are these: I can have fresh food, I can do it while Ethen is playing outside, I can teach Ethen about gardening and being productive and diligent, Chris really enjoys that I have this as a hobby, Chris is really supportive and encouraging, and he even waters it for me at times when he waters the lawn. He is so great. I'll have to post some pics sometime. We have a really pretty yard! Great job babe!!


Jim and Tammie said...

Good for you with the garden, thats great! I wish I had more of a green thumb, but for the most part leave it up to Jim. He does great:). Maybe not being pregnant I will be more apt to jump in and help him.

Jenni said...

That is so wonderful Robin! I really look forward to the day we can have our own garden, I know we could do something right now but we are just a little overwhelmed with kids at this point so not adding anything this year but maybe next. We are so thankful that our neighbors are so generous with their gardens! :) Would love to see pictures Robin!`