Friday, June 29, 2007

I need help

Ok, so what do you do when your baby cries every night just as you are going to bed??? It doesn't seem to matter what time we put him to bed...8...9...or 10pm, he'll cry for about 1/2 hour or even longer. I know that babies expend energy through crying, and that it is the only form of communication for them, as well as the only way to burn off energy, but do any of you have any tricks of the trade to getting little ones on a night time routine of sleeping when you lay them down in bed? He is in our room in a crib and we are rather quiet people. No TV, no loud talking or even moving around. Also, what gets them to sleep longer stretches...Judah is only sleeping 2-3 in his crib, and 3-4 when he sleeps with me. Help?!


Jim and Tammie said...

Robin, as far as how long he is sleeping, thats pretty good and about right for a one month old. I am big on getting my kids into a routine and putting them to sleep while awake and not with breast or bottle. BUT not for the first two months. They are adjusting to life out here and need the security of mom as much as they can get. After two months I put them down awake for a 10:00 and 2:00 nap, and at 7:00 they go to bed with a 12am feeding. I still console them if they need it. At around 5 months (when they are developing more of a will too)I am fine with letting them cry it out. I am consistent but not black&white about anything.
I am not one to let them only fall asleep on me, to me its important that they can fall asleep on their own and be good sleeper (Lexi and Matthew are). This is just what I do. Everyone is different. Whatever you do, the biggest thing is be consistent, as much as you can. I am a big believer that kids need structure. Hope that helps!!

Samantha's Journey said...

Hi Robin, when I babysit I just about every time put soft music on, but not to loud. But I don't know if that would work because they were eight moths,2,4 and 6(yes I watched them at the same time. The youngest never went to sleep with out it. Hope that works. Love Samantha

jeff & marisa said...

Robin, I agree with Tammie, be consistant. What worked Quentin was being swaddled really tight and a little soft music in the background. I think it just soothed him but he still sleeps great with or without the music now. I also had a friend with a "heartbeat bear". It's a bear that you put in thier crib with them that is supose to to be soothing. She swears by it for a good nights sleep.

Jared, Misty, Ethan & Lilly said...

Hang in there Robin, you are doing great. Lilly is 3 1/2 months and sometimes only goes 4 hours at night before she wants to feed. It takes time and you will get the hang of it. Remember you are doing great, and you are an awesome Mommy. Love ya, Misty

Jenni said...

Two of mine were good sleepers and two weren't. Cait is one of the good sleepers, I'm sooo thankful! I've done it both ways, I've rocked my babies to sleep and Cait is pretty much the only one who has gone to sleep on her own (simply out of necessity) but she's doing fine. But I agree with Tammie, he's still really little to let him cry it out. I might let him cry for twenty minutes or so and then hold him, it's not going to hurt him to cry and but then again, my philosophy has been if I have the time I will rock them to sleep. Cait will do either, she falls asleep best on her own but she will fall asleep if I hold her as well and I love it. You're doing great and it sounds like he's already put himself on a schedule it's just getting used to it that is hard sometimes :) Bless you Robin!

mommarazzi said...

I am a big proponent of getting them used to noise. Especially if you are planning on having more kids. I love what Tammie said about tiny babies needing security. One month olds just aren't geared toward self soothing.

We had the baby's crib in our room but as soon as they woke up for a feeding they were in our bed for the rest of the night. They are all sleeping through the night now :) Well the two pregnant ones are getting up to use the bathroom more often now.

Kids have different personalities too as you well know. What worked with Ethen probably won't with Judah. Keep experimenting and don't give up.

jacquelyn said...

ahhh we have a similar problem! i keep saying to myself he isstill a newborn and this will change soon, right? (= lately he has been eating at like 7:30 and then cranky till about 10 then finally falls asleep for only 40 minutes! just when i am falling asleep. maybe it is the heat, i cant swaddle him sometimes and he wakes himsefl up a lot easier.. sorry i dont have any advice, i am in the same boat (=
im sure it will get better!!

Emily & Olivia said...

Robin, I did nurse Olivia at bedtime and most of the time to sleep, a full baby usualy is a sleepy one. Swaddling worked great for her for the first two and a half months. I think Tammie hit it right on be consistent with what ever you decide works best for you.
I found that O slept best with a bath then a massage then nursing. I got a great book at my shower called infant massage. It was simple ,great bonding and very claming.

I can also recomend Dr Sears "the baby book". It's a great book even for not first time moms, since every baby is different sometimes what worked for one won't for the new one. I encourage you to check out that book, Dr Sears has lots of books that are all great.

Good luck and happy babymoon.
Emily Brinkley (Upson)