Monday, July 09, 2007

Soft pillows and rocking!! (it's a little long-winded)

Thanks for your advice everyone!

Well, at least it works for now. Ethen was the same way. Some kids are softies, some are not. I remember putting Ethen to sleep in his crib the exact same way. In fact, he still uses our feather pillow, I gave mine up for him. Now it looks like Chris will have to give his up as well for his littlest boy! He's worth it!

Good news, last night Judah slept 4 straight a few minutes. :-) I think the humidifier helped. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it is when I haven't gotten that much un-interrupted sleep in I don't know how long. It's not like it just started when he was born either, pregnancy and night-time bathroom trips prepare you just as well as the actual baby if you ask me.

Judah is doing really well. He eats quite a bit! He's now 6 weeks and has gained about 5 pounds, making him almost 12 pounds. He has such cute little chubby knees...who'd have thought you could get rolls on the front of your knees. He's very easy to have around: no colic, no troubles or issues, etc.. We sure love him a lot. I think it's safe to say he is a pretty easy baby. Ethen was quite a bit more high maintenance, no problems or anything like that, he just liked to be included in everything we did...and he is still the same today. In fact, I think he says "hold you" almost more than anything else. He is also very cute. Someone complimented us the other day that we make cute kids. Maybe we should have more then?! As of now, our plan is to have a 'Jones' family (meaning 2 boys and 2 girls). So far, we are 'on track', but we decided that it's re-negotiable after each one.

We love our boys so much. I know that you all love your kids too, but Chris and I went to a movie the other day, and obviously didn't take Ethen along (my mom is gracious and kind and babysat him, we took Judah along with us)but our thoughts most of the time were on our little boy. We go out to dinner (not very often) and before we even get out of our development, we both say how much we miss him. I love being able to be a stay at home mom. There isn't a more wonderful ministry than that of your family. I love that I get to spend my whole day with my kids. Some times and days are hard, but you know what I mean (if you have kids of your own). It seems like no other thing can compare, not money, not even the best of hobbies or sports can compare with just a moment of snuggling with your little munchkins! I'm in love with my family (and it's not all peaches and roses all the time either).

Thanks for checking in on us. We are all doing well. Judah has a clogged tear duct, but other than that, we are doing our best to beat the heat. Yipee for parks and backyards with little play pools. God bless you today!


Sabrina said...

I know what you mean! They are THE BEST!!! My girls have certainly been the best reward in my life, the greatest investment, caused me the greatest amount of joy. It is at times, overwhelmingly wonderful! (and yes, sometimes it feels like the opposite!) But the good FAR outweighs the...not so good!

jacquelyn said...

i agree with the not getting much sleep while being pregnant thing! i think i am getting more now actually(=
we do the same thing when we leave our kids... always say we miss them and especially when we get back, it feels like it has been so long(=
valen has a blocked tear duct too. it gets gooey every few hours... the doctor said she wouldnt treat it unless it is every hour, but is it supposed to go away soon? do you know? also does judahs eye look smaller than the other one due to the tear duct? valens seems a bit swollen or something.