Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cute pics...of the kids, of course?!

We have been enjoying playing outside lately. We are grateful for good weather. We won't have much more of it. (Ethen's 1st sprinkler event)

This is how Judah usually spends his time outside. This is his new thing: he sucks on a couple of fingers and lays his other arm over his face. I think I used to do the same thing.

Short story: Judah did an explosive #2, all the way up his back so I started a quick bath in the sink. Ethen walked up, wanted a bath too, so I put some hot water in both sinks. The water wasn't hot enough in Ethen's sink so I turned on the instant-hot while he was in the sink (bad idea...) and he stuck his hand under it....oops. He burned his right ring finger...ouch. He didn't want to ice it, so we kept his hand in water by having him hold this growing spiderman. Worked like a charm!

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