Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Karen!

My sister, Karen, celebrated her birthday with us. We had a BBQ and boy was it yummy! This is the only picture of her that I got. Remeber the whole 'I need to get better with the camera at gatherings' thing? Yeah, you go. This is an air conditioner for her window of her apartment. As you can see, Ethen was right there to help her with her presents.

Judah was in good spirits with grandma. He has really blossomed lately and smiles and makes a lot of noise now-a-days! I love it.

This is the grasshopper that graced us with his presence. We were all quite curious, as you can tell from the expression on Ethen's face. He was very big. We think he is someone's pet that was loosed. Thanks for the visit, Hopper!

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