Monday, September 24, 2007

Judah is so great!!

He is so different from a good way. He has been so patient and relaxed on this trip. He has spent a lot of time in his carseat/stroller and he has done it all with smiles as you can see. He is so amazing. Chris and I both say that we can't wait to see more of his personality and character revealed. I'm sure you can relate, but we are more in love with him (and Ethen) everyday!

Above is Judah as we were waiting for Pooh and Tigger to come out. He is so happy!
Below we were just finishing up breakfast and we took a moment for photo ops!


Grandpa Mac said...

Hi Judah! Make sure your Dad introduces you to that favorite Disneyland treat...chocolate ice cream cones! Never mind what Mom says...they're good for you! Your great Grandma is almost 85 & she eats ice cream all the time! See!

Kaileen said...

he is just the cuttessssttttt in that more pics more pics more pics