Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lazy Day...

For some of us at least. Chris and Donna went to Universal Studios today and the boys, my mom and I stayed back. This is the only pic so far from Chris, he didn't want to take the camera, but he captured this with his phone.

After breakfast, we went to Downtown Disney and perused for a while. Then we came back for naptime, which just so happened to last 2 1/2 hours today...whoot, whoot, whoot!

That's all for now....by the way, Auntie Karen...that 'big world' is over at Universal, you're out of luck for pictures this time. And no, grandpa, Judah will not be consuming ice cream this D-land trip.

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Kaileen said...

check the disney map again i didnt go to universal with you on the last trip i was sick remember and we did see a giant watermelon and we and the ceral box and all kinds of other stuff and the water stuff