Monday, October 08, 2007

Ethen Fighting Daddy as Spidey

Ethen has just started to imitate Spidey by slinging his 'webs' on people. It is so cute to watch him do this at our dogs...they don't quite have the same reaction that adults do. :-)

(I think the Spidey shirt helps him personify his superhero just a little bit better!)


Kaileen said...

totally cute do it again ethen

Tamara said...

Oh man, that is seriously cute. Hi Robin! Chris! Ethan! Judah! I tried to leave a comment on the "Lazy Commenter's" blog. The conviction fell heavy upon me. . . but it didn't work for some reason. So here I am again, making sure you don't think I'm neglecting you. . . even though I'm neglecting my homework! Ha! How's that for a guilt trip! I love you! I'll be home for Christmas! We'll be in WA for 2 weeks! Who knows maybe we'll be able to actually see each other and you can meet my husband. I think he'd love to take a little trip down south. :-) Love you, my sister! Oh by the way, I replied to your request for a blog about being married. You'll have to check it out!