Friday, October 12, 2007

Precious Moments

*At Costco the other day, Ethen spotted some toys and yelled out, "oohh, fansformers". Yet, the other night when he woke up really, really early, he said, "mama...nyook". How is it that he can say transformers quite clearly, but struggles to say milk?! Precious.

*Ethen doesn't have any security items (blanket, binkie, toys), except for momma's hair. Yesterday he said, "love momma hair" and then kissed it. Oohh! Precious.

*We were reading some books just before bed and Ethen looked up at his name that is on the wall and said "H"...just out of the blue. Amazing...I haven't even taught him that yet.

*Classic toddler habit: We struggle to keep him clothed in 2 ways?!
1)He won't wear the same oufit for more than about 1 hour and,
2)He wants to wear a different oufit just after he's just been dressed.

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