Saturday, January 26, 2008

A day in the life...

Chris went away for a couple days and this is how I found Ethen the morning after Chris left (Chris's shoes, socks and sweatshirt). Can you tell we miss him whenever he's gone? Poor guy can't get away for even a few minutes w/out the boys and I missing him.

What a doll! Here he is watching one of his favorite shows 'Super WHY!'. He even took a picture of it on TV.

Lately it has been rough around here. Both boys are teething right now. I know that sounds wierd, but Judah is getting both front bottom teeth and Ethen is getting his upper 2-yr molars. They both have had high temps, runny noses, coughs and aches. Yuck!

Here's Ethen just before we woke
him up from his nap. He is wearing
his Dash (Incredibles) pj's. Another
staple in a little boys wardrobe.
(He looks so much like my dad
And here is my dear sweet Judah...who now has 1 tooth!! He turned 8 months old yesterday. Time flies!!


Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings said...

Absolutely adorable!

You left a message on my recipe about seasonings for the meatballs. The recipe doesn't call for any seasonings other than the salt and pepper. Which flavors the meat along with the onion nicely.

The Eddy's said...

That dressing up in daddy's clothes is so sweet! I love kinda breaks your heart a little though.
: (