Saturday, April 26, 2008

A little update

I have a few things to mention. It seems like there's nothing to report, but just because it's not a milestone, doesn't mean it's not worth sharing, huh?! So, here's the latest around here:

Ethen can now count to 10 all by himself.

Judah just turned 11 months and is everywhere, quickly. He crawls somewhere, pulls himself up and then walks along the furniture (holding on) or even a couple times, he will stand...unattended. He is growing up so quickly. And, he's just as bald as his brother was at this age. (By the way, this is a shirt that one of my Osprey Walking friends made for Judah. She had some left over material and whipped it up for me in one day!)

Ethen has a lot of fun taking pictures. He like carrying the camera around chasing after the dogs b/c he can see them in the digital screen...kinda like a little movie?! This is one of his latest pictures. I am not sure what his focus was...I think it was supposed to be me?

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