Friday, May 02, 2008

Today is the big day!!

Ironman comes out in theaters today and Ethen has been very excited to go see it. For his birthday in April, he got a few of the action figures: Ironman (Mark I & III) and Iron Monger. So as you can imagine, he has been busily occupying Chris's lap playing. He even sings a little ditty that he picked up from watching the movie trailer. So, we are headed out this evening to see it with a small group. One cute thing is the people he tells us he wants to go with us to the movie. It started with just us and Grandpa Mac and Dave. It has grown to a small village now, but we look forward to sitting next to big Ethen with his new Ironman (Mark I)!
Did I forget to mention he has the outfit already too?!

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