Friday, May 02, 2008

Random Updating

School is going really well for me. It has been challenging to get the time to memorize some vocab for Psyc, but going for walks really helps! I am glad for this nice weather.

Speaking of nice weather, Chris has done a super-duper job on getting the lawn beautified for Spring/Summer. It is looking very good. I can't wait to play in the backyard when it's hot out!

Speaking of Chris, he was just out with a very yucky sinus infection, so it made for some long days around here. Poor guy! He is feeling better now. I am glad!

Speaking of feeling better, Judah seems to be on the tail end of the pain of bringing in a few new teeth. He now has 3 on the bottom and and he's working on the top ones. Argh! It hurts a lot. Which means for fussy times and irregular sleep.

Speaking of irregular sleep, we are in the midst of debating Ethen's naps. We're thinking of going without so that he goes to bed a little earlier (now is usually 9pm). Any advice? I really value his nap time. It's good down time for me as well. Especially now that I have studying to do.

Speaking of ...well, I kinda wore that one out. Anyway, my mom is doing really well on her Weight Watchers program. She is just shy of 20 pounds and doing great! Keep up the good work Mom!


jacquelyn said...

wow your mom only weighs twenty pounds, oh my (=
how long of a nap does he take? valen takes one nap about 2-3 hours long and if he doesnt get at least 2 hours he is super cranky! we would not be able to skip his at all. and he goes to bed around 830 or so.
we didnt force dahlia to take naps after she refused around one years old because she slept so much better and longer at night and she wasnt even any crankier if she didnt get one.
that is a toss up though , having time during the day is nice but so is getting both kids in bed before you are tired (=

LPSM said...

As far as naps go, I have taken to giving Wyatt "quiet time" while the girls are napping. He doesn't sleep but I can if I want to. Its been working out pretty well but my kids also get up about nine and go to bed between 7:30 and 8pm then I have a good ten minutes before I pass out trying to read... ;-)

LPSM said...

By the way, I was crying the whole time I was trying to write my last post. Share it with whomever. I would be honored