Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Zoo Trip!

It was so fun today. A little cold, but fun. Misty, Bellame, myself and all the kids went. We packed the van, literally! 3 adults and 5 kids. Today we were able to ride the train. It was short but good. This first picture is the boys response to the small dinosaur. You can tell they aren't quite sure about it. Ethan T. was brave enough to touch it, but no one else was.

The dino's are coming...I think they'll be up before summer...hopefully! They'll also have a new train ride and paths to walk on to see our dino friends.

Here's proof that Lilly and Judah came too. We were warming up in the penguin corrall waiting for the train ride to start! I wasn't able to get many battery was low. Sorry Bellame and little Judah.

Something funny that I didn't realize until we were at the zoo...we had 2 Ethan/Ethen's, 2 Judahs and one beautiful Lilly. What a fun group! Can't wait to go back when it's sunny!!!

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