Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fun w/ the Webbs

This is our laundry separator (minus the bags). It has lately been one of the funnest toys in our house?!

Our mother's day ladies. Although my sister is not a mom, she was the honorary aunt.
Pictured (from left) is my mom Judy, my grandma Alice(mom's mom), myself, my sister Karen, and my mother-in-law Donna who lives with us.

While we had the camera out, we decided to have a photo family opp! This is the King family! I love them a lot!!

My grandma Alice came out from Boring, OR. She is so wonderful! I am very glad she was able to make it. Hopefully we'll start a trend.

And then there are some trends that...well...that's my honey!! By the way, if I haven't said it in blog-land lately, he's the best in the world! And, I couldn't have a better hubby and a better dad for my two adoring boys. They love him so much too! We'll keep him!

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