Friday, May 16, 2008

Spring Fun

What beautiful weather we've had the past couple of days. It was 99 degrees here today. I filled up the kiddy pool and the boys dabbled in it, but mostly they loved running around the yard in their birthday suit (hence the lack of pictures). Ethen stepped in and out a few times, I was able to catch a couple of him, but for the most part, it was twinkle toes only!

They are so cute! In one video of the boys, you can hear Ethen saying, "come on, come on, I'll help you Jude". I pray that they will always be close!

On another note, my garden is coming together. I planted a few raspberry bushes today from my grandma. She has an acre or so of berries and was gracious enough to give me some. Thanks grandma! Also, I planted some large cherry tomatoes, cilantro, yellow banana peppers and a few other things. It's really fun to watch it grow. I'll post pics soon.

1 comment:

jacquelyn said...

very cute. birthday suit babies never get boring!
i was wanting to start planting some veggies like those. but i was a little afraid since i kill every flower i try to keep! do you have a really nice tilled up area, is it pretty easy to maintain?