Saturday, May 17, 2008

Backyard business

Here are my garden to a slow start. In the left-hand box there is a blueberry bush, 3 raspberry bushes (from my grandparents farm) and a rosemary plant. In the right-hand box there's quite a bit more: lots of onions and garlic, cilantro, spearmint, sweet banana pepper and a couple tomato plants. I am not sure what else I'll plant, but I need to decide in the next few days.

I caught him (on camera) in the act. He was out in the yard for about 6 hours today doing yard stuff. He is so great. He even mows the lawn diagonally because I asked him to. He's a sweetie!

My poor little guy got an owie on his finger and so we decided to sit for a little bit while daddy did the front yard (Judah was sleeping). He needed lots of love to fix his owie...and some medicine too. He's such a sweet boy. He sat in my lap for about 3 hours today. I love him so much!


Jenni said...

Way to go Robin! Did you plant those from seed? If so, that's amazing! But even if they were starts, your garden looks great! I'm going to be planting my seeds this week. Yeah!

Kaileen said...

I just want to cuddle up with you guys your so cute /em pinches all your cheeks.