Sunday, August 31, 2008

"And He Got Out"

Here's a cute little story from our trip to the Farmer's Market. We go almost every Saturday for the donuts and fresh fruits & veggies. (My garden is still in beginners mode.) We love the summer months especially becuase of all of the fresh berries. We usually buy a small container of berries for the ride home.

Anyway, Ethen piped up with the question:
"Momma, Judah was in your tummy?"
Of course, I answered "yes".
"And your tummy got big, big, big?" (His arms signed a bigger tummy each time.)
Again, the answer was "yes".
Then the groaner....."And he got out?"
"Yep! He got out!"

And, since I mentioned my garden, I'll need to post a pic in the near future for you. Next year I have some fun additions...broccoli, maybe some corn, zuchini, cucumbers (mine were plucked up this year), and we'll see what else when the time comes.

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