Wednesday, September 03, 2008

We're Doing Well!

No bee stings lately, no cuts, no burns, no biting...we're doing good. Today I vacuumed and Judah was quite content to be on his own, running around finding his own entertainment. I vacuum 2 times a week and every time, Judah stands at my feet and cries until I pick him up...while I'm vacuuming. Not an easy task. It was also refreshing yesterday afternoon while I was out on the back deck checking my emails. The boys were playing in the yard together and just being brothers. It was so rewarding, fulfilling, beautiful, get the point. I am so anxious for Judah to talk so that he and Ethen can play at a new level together.

They are both so cute. I really enjoy the personality of each of them, though very different. We think that Ethen is going to be driven and analytical (kinda like Chris) and that Judah will be funny and easy-going (like his mommy). I know they will have their own flavors in there as well, but man, I just can't get enough of them.

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mommarazzi said...

"No bee stings lately, no cuts, no burns, no biting" ... no pictures? :(

We need updates in pictures too. Though I do enjoy reading about your adventures.

Missed you at Isaiah's party.