Monday, August 18, 2008

Bad Bumblebee!

It happened...Judah's first bee sting. Owie! The two of us were out in the backyard digging around in my garden when Judah wandered off (w/in sight). After about a minute of being gone, he screamed and cried holding his leg. I picked him up only to discover the huge bumblebee was crawling on his diaper and had stung him on the back of his leg just below the diaper line. Poor guy. The bee was pretty lethargic after that. Let's just say Daddy took care of the bee! Anyway, I brought him in right away and put the baking soda and water mixture on it and he seemed to feel better quickly.

That makes 4 stings for us this summer. Two for Ethen, one for Judah and one for me. We are a little leary of bees and wasps now. Chris just took down a wasp nest that had made it's way into the hot tub motor area. Way to go Daddy. Thanks for keeping us safe!

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