Tuesday, September 16, 2008

He Took It Like A Man...

That's the saying that we use when someone "cries the whole time". It really didn't take too long, but when he was crying, it seemed like forever?! He's napping now so I'll post pictures in the next couple days. I didn't take any pictures at the doctors, but I did pass on an ER secret. When they put his stitches in, instead of using a papoose board (to hold him very still), they put his arms to his sides inside a pillowcase, then swaddled him in a sheet. It worked very well. So, today when we got his stitches out, we did the same thing and it worked well.

On another note, I have the house to myself (sorta). Chris and Ethen took a few of our teen friends to our friends beach house in Long Beach! They'll be gone until tomorrow afternoon, so Judah and I will have some great fun and quality time together. Yipee!

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mommarazzi said...

"He took it like a man"? Is that something like "I slept like a baby" (slept for 2 hours at a time) ?

Cute. I hope you a Judah have a superific time together. He needs some extra mommy time after all the bee stings and owies.