Saturday, September 13, 2008

Judah Update and more...

Well, he doesn't even seem to notice his fat lip and stitches. Good thing. I figure he'll start to itch at it when the scab begins to heal. He still has a real steady drool, so it keeps the owie pretty moist. He basically bit through his lip but it wasn't all the way up the lip, just a hole below the lip line. Supposedly he gets his stitches out Monday, but I'm not sure what we'll do. When Chris got stitches in his finger, he took them out himself, so I'm not sure we'll go to the doc. It just depends on the progress of the wound.

Chris already started his Fall quarter at Western Seminary and I start in a little over a week at Clark. I am finishing up my AA (that I didn't finish 10 years ago). It is going well. All - A's - so far! My photography class went really well. I learned quite a bit about telling a story in a picture, instead of just capturing the subject. Hopefully in time, you'll notice the difference. :-) I'll finish with my AA before Chris gets his Masters of course.

And...if you hadn't noticed..I changed my background. My friend, Misty, insprired me. Thanks Misty.

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