Thursday, September 11, 2008

Judah's 2nd ER Visit

Just a few minutes prior to naptime, Judah fell off the bench on the back deck onto the cement. Ouch!! He split his lip pretty good so off to the ER we went. He did really well waiting for the doc to come, but during stitch up time, not so much. The nurse swaddled him and held his face while the doc did the duty of putting in 2 sutures! The worst part for me (and probably Judah too) was the shot to numb the lip area...right in the owie! He is taking a nap now. I'm sure he'll sleep well tonight too.

Here's the before and after shots.

(I took both of these w/ my phone so they are obviously not the best of quality. He wouldn't hold still very well either.)


mommarazzi said...

Boys will be boys. Though Genevieve has had her share of owies and glue and staples.

I agree the shot to numb it hurts almost worse than the original injury.

Hang in there Mom!

Cheryl said...

Oh my!! I was just getting on the internet for a few minutes and thought I would check in on you before I shut down.. I haven't seen alot of your latest. Dave didn't say anything about Judah so I'll go up and tell him. Please give him a extra Kiss/Hug from us..

Jenni said...

Poor little guy! We've had quite the week here too with Cait having Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, I thought that he might have it too :( I hope he feels better soon! Love you Robin!