Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How Many Titles?

I was cleaning upstairs this morning, the boys are pretty good about entertaining themselves, but this morning, Judah found a new type of entertainment!

When I walked in the bathroom, the blog titles just started rolling though my head:
"Should we even bother to try and hide his presents?"
"Everyone has their own hobby?!"
"What's in your closet?"
"Wrapped vs. Unwrapped?"
"Practicing for Christmas Presents"
"Quick & Easy Stepstools for Toddlers"
I know, I'm cheesy! What titles came to your mind?


Jenni said...

Too cute Robin, what a big helper he is!

mommarazzi said...

No Charmin?

jacquelyn said...

that is very cute!
those titles were good, i didnt have any better ones. maybe hes trying to tell you he has to go to the bathroom? (=