Sunday, September 21, 2008

Staying Dry on a Rainy Day!

It rained today...I couldn't believe it when I heard some commotion outside, I discovered the rain was pouring down?! Isn't this Summer? I guess tomorrow is Autumn. Anyway, Judah discovered a way to stay more dry than the rest of us. I was folding laundry in the laundry room and he usually joins me.

Tomorrow is my friend Denay's birthday. She'll be 22! My how time flies. I think I say that too much. I met her when she was in middle school; which by the way, I was in middle school in the very late 80's. Is that weird or what?! Remember the 80's? I have only a few childhood memories, who knows why. Even so, I was born in the 70's. Remember the 70's? I really don't. I was able to find a few pics at my parents house of me during my 7th birthday. What a sight?! I'll try and post them as soon as I get them in my computer. You'll have a good laugh. I did.

Tomorrow is my good friend Jeremy's birthday too. Yeah for Jer!! Hope you have a great birthday and that the people around you bless you and remind you of how special you are. We sure miss you!!

And...tomorrow is my first day of class. This is my 3rd quarter back at Clark (officially my 6th) and so far so good. Friday night my classes appeared on the Blackboard site, so I started on it early. I already got the books (and cd's for my music course). know....$250 in books/cd's. Isn't that ridiculous?! I don't understand. When I went for buyback this last quarter, I got $35 for the books I spent $150 on. I understand they are not worth what I paid for them, but what gets me is that they re-stock them, sometimes in the same day, for a ridiculously inflated price. In fact, if I wanted to buy it back after selling it to them, I'd get my $10 for buyback, but have to buy it for $50 minimum?! Somethings wrong with that. Not that I'm going to do anything about it. Just thought since you were reading, you could be victim to my inconsequential rantings. And, if you've read this far, I have one more thing to add. This may be gross to some of you...I think it's gross, but I did there. Tonight while my son was eating dinner, I caught myself doing something w/ no thought. He was all done with his dinner and there was a little piece on his shirt. Without even thinking about it, I picked it off his shirt and ate it?! What the crazy?? For some reason, eating it seemed like the most practical way of disposing of it. So there you go...confessions of a tired mother of toddlers. I'll spare us both and end the confessions until another day's post.

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