Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well, as some of you know, it's been longer than normal. I am taking 8 credits (I know, it doesn't sound like all that much) online and it is quite a workload. I am enjoying it, probably more enjoying the fact that I am accomplishing one of my goals!! I am taking music appreciation and intro to poetry. I am doing well in both.
The boys are growing up fast. Ethen had an eye appt today. He kinda gets a lazy eye when he gets tired and come to find out, he may have to get surgery someday to fix his eye muscle. For now, he has to wear a patch for one hour each day over his strong eye to strengthen the other. I am thinking we'll need to make up an incentive chart. I'll be posting pics and updates for all of you.
Our friends have been watching the boys once a week so that Chris and I can go on some dates. It has been fun, but as you saw in the pics, we're a little concerned about the boys when we're gone. Oh, I'm just teasing. We trust them with our lives and our kids! For some reason, Judah voluntarily goes into the crate and plays. It is pretty cute if you ask me.

Also, although I haven't heard her voice, my goodest friend, Kristen moved to L.A. They are getting all settled in and I look forward to her phone call. She has a darling family pic that definitely a long time coming.

Last, but not least, Tammy, thanks for the monthaversary reminder. Sometimes I need a little prodding.


Anonymous said...

i had to wear a patch over my strong eye when i was 4 years old too... but i never had to have surgery, i hope it doesnt come to that for ethen!
do you write poetry or was this something new to do?

mommarazzi said...

Take full advantage of those weekly dates. They are so important especially when you have so much other stuff going on.