Saturday, October 18, 2008

His Chart

Here it is at day 2. I thought he would fuss about wearing his eye patch today, but he was in very good spirits about it. As you can see, after day 10 he'll get a 'prize'. He even put the stickers on himself. I put it on the fridge at eye level, no pun intended. He really enjoys Star Wars figures right now so thats probably what we'll get him. We obviously won't do this every 10 days. I just wanted to start on a positive note. We have to do this for three months every day for 1 hour until his next eye appt in mid January.


mommarazzi said...

You can get some pretty cool pirate gear for him to dress up in when he gets to wear his eyepatch. Seems to me that a kid that loves to wear costumes and dress up as much as Ethen does should have an easy time earning tons of action figures.

How about getting him the "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" DVD that is out now. That could get him in the pirate mood.

I'm proud of you buddy!

Jenni said...

Poor guy :( I like the reward for sticking to it, it's so good to give your kids some incentive for doing something that is really challenging for them. We rewarded Aidan with a dollar for each week that he went without sucking his thumb, he eventually got it and it was well worth the $5! :) Good job Robin, you're doing a great job being a mommy :) Blessings!