Thursday, December 04, 2008

Chris Decorated Our Whole House!!

Well, here it is...our home after it's all done being decorated! Chris worked basically the whole day yesterday as well as some other shorter time and it is absolutely beautiful! He always does such a good job, so each year is hard to compare with the last. This year we have bells over our driveway lights, with lighted Christmas trees below:

Here is our front portch with a sitting Santa with snow at his feet and lit trees all around.

Our front door:

Our lighted (fake) but not decorated Christmas tree in the front window:

And...the whole picture. It was quite foggy out last night as we took the pictures, but I guess that just means Winter is around the corner! Yay...bring on the snow!! If no where else (all you hum-buggers), then how about just in our loop so all the kids can play in the snow (big and small alike)!


mommarazzi said...

BEEEEUUUUTIFUL! Way to be Chrismassy Webberleys. Your home is just lovely. Thanks for the update.

mommarazzi said...

You are fortunate to live in an area where your outdoor decore is safe from theft.

We are not so fortunate. :o(

The Clarks said...

Your house looks wonderful! What a great hubby you have. I am hoping for snow for all of us as well. :)

The King's Little Girl said...

I love it! So pretty!! =D

In case you were wondering, I'm still alive and I have two blogs! I have the regular sausage one and then I have another one that is just sorta for venting and such things like that. Feel free to check 'em out if you have time =)