Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Much ado about nothing

I guess I have been busy lately. Not much to blog about now that the snow is gone?! I have been busy baking, cleaning, resting, doing homework and basically not blogging. This may sound silly, but I have the weirdest New Years resolution. Almost 10 years ago, I dislocated my pinkie a whole step. Ever since then, although "healed" it still gets "stuck" kinda bent backwards and I can do a stupid human trick, bending it backwards at the middle joint to a 90 degree angle. So, for my resolution, I want to fix it. That means wearing a small brace on my pinkie keeping it in a bent position. And, that also means it is not easy to type. I have only 9 fingers on home row?! The other thing that mainly keeps me from blogging lately is Judah. (That and my online environment science class.) He gets into everything right now. I feel like all the doors are locked, the gate is often up and he still manages to find the no-no's of the house. I guess that's the age and stage he is in. Speaking of boys, here is the first picture of my boys where they were both willing to stand together and say "cheese" at the same time. (Ethen wanted everyone to know he is Handy Manny here.) Aren't they darling?! I just can't get enough of them!!


Jenni said...

Beautiful boys!

Hannah said...

They are soooo cute!!! hee hee love you webbs!!!