Monday, January 26, 2009

A Small Remodel for Ethen

We made a small financial investment with a large result for Ethen's room. All his toys and Judah's toys are now in the cubes and we found a cheap and excellent table on Craigslist. Ethen is a very organized little boy and he absolutely loves the new organization.

Here is Ethen's toy bins. I printed out some pictures of what is in each box so that when it comes time to play (or put away) the toys, they are easily found! It is so cute to see Ethen so matter-of-fact about them!

Here's the table. Chris put lego plates over the entire surface of the table and then designed and screwed down a small train track over 1/2. Both boys absolutely love it! In the two drawers are the legos, train supplies and a few other random toys. Chris did such a good job at being thorough and excellent. Even the trees and other decorations are glued down!

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