Wednesday, February 18, 2009

5.5 Down...4 To Go!

I can't believe I am over half way. I am feeling great overall. This pregnancy, as I said before, is so different than the boys. She is such a mover. I feel her move all the time and the other day I think she had the hiccups?! It is such a neat feeling to be sitting there and all of a sudden have an involuntary movement from your stomach. It is such an amazing thing to carry a baby! I love it. Although, it sure puts the body through some tough things. I'll bug my hubby to take a pic of me so you can see my growing belly. I would finally say I have a gut. The bad thing is that some people just can't tell if I've gained some weight, or if I am prego. Good thing is that most just haven't asked! The funny thing is people's response when they know I'm prego toting around my 2 boys...and just like Jenni commented...people say, "Wow, you'll have your hands full!". Duh! Don't I already? 2 boys..both toddlers, 1 in diapers who doesn't talk...I won't go on. Yes, I'm busy and have "my hands full", but that's what parenting is about. I want a big family and feel like God has given us the grace and love to have them all. So...there you have it!

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Jenni said...

Way to go Robin, I wish I was closer just so I could say it to you too! "Boy, you sure have YOUR hands full!" And aren't you glad you do, you are so blessed! I bet you can't wait to see what a little Webberley girl will be like :) Bless you!