Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Latest

Well, Facebook has me. The reason I joined Blogger was to "connect" with people while keeping you informed. While blogger keeps you informed, Facebook definatly has the connection part a whole lot better for me! And, some days I just don't feel like I have anything to blog about. Just when I say that, I can come up with a list something like this:
~The boys have both been sick for the past week, and while they got better a little, I took them to the Dr. today and they both have double ear infections...amoxicilin...10 days.
~Chris is also sick, the sinus thing...again.
~Chris felt the baby kick for the first time yesterday. It brings me more joy at this point than it does him.
~My mom and dad brought over more pink today...yay for girly pink stuff in the house!
~At my last midwife appt, after getting on the scale I realize I have gained just less than 10 pounds at 20 weeks prego. Yes, all pregnancies are different.
~I started volunteering at our local Humane Society and I really enjoy it. I am doing it for extra credit through my Environmental Science class.
~Random note...I love doing laundry.
~I have gone through a phase of nesting...again. I went through all of our "everything" drawers/cabinets and organized them. We have a small rolling plastic drawer thingy that has all kinds of stuff, namely instrument chords as well as cables, extension cords and power cables. Well, I organized them: sorted them out, rolled them up and zip tied them. It was cool!
~I really enjoy walking and being busy, but I think that I am going to have to slow down a little bit with this pregnancy. I was 2 weeks late with Ethen, 10 days early with Judah and I have a hunch I'll be early again due to my activity level. Early is good.
~Oh...Ethen has a lazy eye, and we have been patching the strong eye to strengthen the weaker eye. After his 3 month follow-up appointment, they said there is really no improvement so surgery is our next option. I know this kinda sounds weak, but I'd rather have the surgery and get it over with. I don't like having to bother with patching. It is no fun for him. It's not that we are not willing to do what it takes, we just don't want to bother with "treatments" if they are not productive and carry them out for months to years.
~Another kinda random note: I still fit in all my regular clothes. I got out my maternity clothes and washed them up, but they are too big. Maternity pants to too baggy, but pretty comfortable in the waist...go figure.
~I have a friend who is having twins in April and I can't wait to see her tummy and her babies!
~Judah has started saying many more words. He isn't too anxious to talk and while there are probably more than this, here's the bulk of his vocab (besides screaming): bye-bye, momma, dadda, bubba, puppa, ball, hi, poo poo, bowl, diaper, oh, uh-oh, cracker, grandma, grandpa and you. Mind you that many of these words are mostly only understood by family?! He can tell you what a lot of animals say though.
~Chris burns 1100 calories on his run (usually 3-4 times a week).
~I love being organized and making a difference when cleaning a room.

Well, I guess that's all for now. If I think of more, maybe I'll add...we'll see. If you got to the bottom, congrats. Until next time!

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