Saturday, February 21, 2009

Yeah for Sun!!

We have been going to the park lately as it's been at least not raining?! We'll take what Spring weather we can get. We bundled up a few times so far this Winter and weathered the cold for about 1/2 hour at a time to enjoy the big plastic slides, monkey bars and swings. Judah's favorite thing is to run around and touch everything, equipment and grounds included. Ethen's favorite is probably the monkey bars and hanging. They are such a joy!
We have taken my mom a couple times and she has as much fun as we do! Here's Judah running around, being dedicated to one play item for no more than 2-3 minutes.
I haven't ever seen Ethen make this face, but I think it's absolutely adorable. This was his look of acccomplishment after crossing the first set of monkey bars (with Grandmas help, of course).
I asked the boys to quickly pose before going down the slide. I guess we'll have to work on our smiles, huh?

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Hannah said...

They are soo stinkin cute!!! The last picture is my favorite!!! :D