Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Here's my beautiful boys! It wasn't very easy to get them to hold still while trying to snap a usually is quite the task. We didn't do much in the ways of the traditions of Easter (ham, Easter baskets, chocolate, etc.) but we didn't miss the main point...and that is to remember and celebrate that JESUS IS ALIVE!! We are so glad that Jesus keeps His word in saying that He would rise again. We have been reading The Story of Easter (by Pingry) to Ethen about Easter and he gets what it is about. That's pretty cool to us.

Grandpa and Grandma did bring us...I mean Ethen and Judah a goody bag though. Plenty of chocolate to go around! Thanks Dad and Mom!

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mommarazzi said...

Your boys look so cute in those Easter outfits. Cameron likes wearing sweater vests all the time. But I've been banned from buying and vests and shirts like that for Henry. I guess I'll have to stick to polo shirts.