Monday, April 20, 2009

A Lot of Love!!

These boys will follow their daddy into every room he goes to....poor guy. Even when he wants some alone time, they follow him. They love their daddy so much. Chris decided to wash up the truck in the beautiful weather and of course, the boys followed....
(Chris won't like this picture much, but he is making that face because the sun was in his eyes. And, I am not about to begin to complain about the amount of sun we have so far.)

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mommarazzi said...

Kids love to play in the beds of pick-up trucks.
We used to let our kids "swim" in the back of our truck. We'd back it up toward the front of the house so that it was on enough of an angle that it would hold water in the bedliner. It was probably 8 inches deep at the deepest but it was fun for them. Our getto pool. Those were the days.