Thursday, May 21, 2009

Backyard Fun

We received a small (used) table from a friend and it is so handy, especially now that it is getting warmer. We really love our backyard, and even more since the dogs don't "go" back there anymore. We are also looking forward to the summer and warmer days so that we can be outside and have fun with bubbles and yard toys! The rain was great for greening up the lawn, but we are glad to have a wide open fenced space to play. We have been eating quite a few meals on this table too...and I guess when I say "we", I just mean the boys. I can't get my ever-growing body that low to fit in the small plastic frame.

*If you enlarge the picture, you can kind of see Ethen's eye 4 days post-op. It's pretty bloodshot, but the pain is basically gone and he's using it 100% of the time. No more favoring it. We check on him pretty regularly with it too, both in question as well as a little inspection. I wouldn't want ANYTHING more to happen to him.

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