Thursday, May 21, 2009


Well, kind of unexpected, but Ethen's doc called and said that we don't have to do the penicillin shots every 4 weeks anymore. The infectious specialist doctor over at Emanuel responded back to his primary doc and gave us the good news. I am hoping that even though he doesn't have any fighting ability against Strep, that it won't be an issue. She said that if he shows any sign whatsoever of having a sore throat or sickness of any kind, to come in right away, so that we can prevent things from going the way they did before. We are glad. Monthly "pokes" are no fun!!

I am now 35 weeks prego! Can't believe it already! I was able to meet with a surgeon the other day at my midwife appointment. Because I am having my 3rd c-section, I will deliver no later than the 19th of June (pretty good news, huh Tam and Oliver?!) I am looking forward to holding my first little girl in less than a month! Wahoo! What a dream!! Anyway, I am getting pretty tired pretty easily and that is annoying. I just stopped my daily walking because it is getting to be a bit much for me. I have 2 boys that I chase all day and that is enough exercise for me at this point. I am a pretty busy gal and I don't like to sit around much. Chris tells me to rest and slow down pretty often. I'm terrible at it though. I kind of think that I'll go into labor before that date though. My water broke 10 days early with Judah. Who knows though. I need to take some pics of my ever-growing belly. Sorry.

One more thing. I started a blanket this past week and this morning I finished it. Cool. Although I am not a huge crochet fan, it was quite an accomplishment for me. My mom is a good teacher. I might do another one at some point, but I'm in no hurry. It was fun.

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Jared, Misty, Ethan and Lilly said...

Woah, busy women! Enjoy this weather while it lasts! Can't wait for this month to fly by so we can see little miss Gracie! Much love, Misty