Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fun at the Park

Two big boys!! There is something about the swing that makes both of my boys giggle and smile like no other thing can. I think it is the feeling in their tummies. Sometimes going down a hill that has a whoopty in it does it for Ethen too. Anyway, we have been frequenting some parks lately to soak in some vitamin E and it seems like I just soak in the moisture and get puffy. I guess that goes with pregnancy.

Ethen seems to be a climber. Most places we go, he'll find a structure to climb, a crawl space to hide, etc. It is pretty cute. He told me to take this picture and that he would smile big if I did. I am so in love with our kids. They are so beautiful, inside and out!
Gracie update: I have no more than 26 days until I get to meet her. As I said before, I will deliver no later than June 19th and I am so excited to meet her. I recently got several bags of clothes from a great friend in Portland and I now have a good base of clothes. I'll just have to blog about it later!

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