Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gracie Update

The other day, a great friend of ours brought over 6 or 7 bags of girly clothes, just 1-12 months in size. WOW!!!! I now have a good base of clothes. Before I had to tell people I had nothing, so for my upcoming shower, I basically needed everything. As you can see from the pics, there are socks, pants, overalls, tights, rompers, dresses, shirts, sweaters, pajamas, and more. I was so excited in this first picture. It was so fun to go through all the clothes and just imagine me holding a little pink girl in my arms. I just can't wait to show her off and for others to hold her too!

I have no more than 26 days until I (and you) get to meet her. Because of a repeat Cesarean, I'll deliver at 39 weeks. I am getting a little bit nervous for the procedure, but I know that I'll be just fine. I guess I should be worried about Chris and the kids home alone for 3 days while I am at the hospital. I am confident though in him. I really have no worries. He is an amazing dad (and hubby). Although we are in a tough season right now with our job, he is the best and we couldn't ask for better! Really! I am so glad too that several others of you same the same of your hubbies. God has many, many good men that are seeking his heart to lead their families and I am glad to say that I have one of them as my hubby too! God bless your Sunday!

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