Sunday, May 24, 2009

Judah is almost 2!!

Our friends, the Fishers, came over the other day with a birthday gift for Judah and this is his face in response to them bringing in his gift. (He looks a lot like his Grandpa Allen, Chris's dad.)

A fat bat and ball! Every little boys needs one of these. He is showing Momma his new bat. There was a cute outfit in the bag, but to Judah, that wasn't even on the scope.

Quick resting break before it's his turn to be batter.

Alex was kind enough to pitch for Judah. The joy on Judah's face was so great as he hit the ball. (I am sure glad for such good aim from Alex.) Thank you Fishers, we love you!

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Misty Throop said...

Awesome! We will be there tomorrow night. Atleast 2 of us, hopefully the 4 of us (no men's group), unless something changes and I have a cranky child we all should make it! See you tomorrow!