Saturday, July 04, 2009


We made an ER trip today; a short 4-hour trip. Judah's had a fever for the last 2 days of about 102 and it hasn't really subsided; being that our regular doctor was closed today (and yesterday) we decided to make the trip to get some antibiotics. We were thinking he might be teething (2 year molars) but there was no sign of them. He didn't really have any other symptoms other than a fever so we were kinda perplexed, until I got the idea to look at his throat and not just his teeth. Sure enough, his tonsils were super swollen and there was even a little white mucus on them (sorry, kinda gross I know). So, off to the ER we went to find out it was viral tonsillitis.

He was strep negative meaning that the tonsillitis is viral and not bacterial. Viral means that you just treat the symptoms (kinda like what you'd do for the flu). Bacterial means it would be strep positive and you'd have to get a penicillin or something like that to treat the contagious bacteria. So, our discharge instructions are to give both Motrin and Tylenol incrementally and wait it out. Should just take a couple of days, hopefully.
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mommarazzi said...

I hope your little guy is on the mend. It is no fun being sick.

Sure wish we could have heard Chris speak last Sunday. He'll have to come again when we can be there.