Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It's been a little while since I've blogged and even Chris is antsy to get a post on here, so here it is! I did a small collage of each of the kids with at least one picture of Chris and I in here too. We are so in love with our family!

1st is Ethen ... he is so, so amazing! He is such a blessing and a beautiful child. He is such a helper and blessed by nature. God has put in him such a sweet spirit. He is very affectionate, just like Chris. He loves spending time with Daddy especially. Here are a few of his favorite things: his toys, his new video game (given to us by a neighbor), his mommy and daddy and playing! He is just a few months over 4 years, but he seems so much older sometimes. God has definitely blessed us with a warrior!
Next is Judah ... oh ... Judah, our precious little relational boy! He is such a bundle of fun. Right now we are in a growth spurt, and not the physical kind. He is going through learning to not get his way all the time. We are doing our best to be faithful to not allow him throwing fits and whining when he doesn't get his way; to be faithful to help him treat his brother and sister with respect and to be more focused and stay put when told. He is so loving and so beautiful! He is very compassionate. The other day when Ethen was being disciplined, Judah cried pretty hard. He did the same when Ethen screamed while getting his shots at the doctor. What a good brother!
And my little ... I mean BIG girl! She will be 8 weeks on Thursday and she is growing quicker than my weeds. I brought her home at about 6 1/2 pounds and she is now 13 pounds and just about 22 inches (born at 7 pounds 1 oz and 19.5 inches). She is so chubby! (Almost looks like a Carmichael, huh?!) She is such a good baby. She eats and sleeps, and then wakes up to eat and sleep again! I love her so much. I have had so much fun doing little girl things with her like painting her nails and accessorizing her outfits. In the left-hand picture, she was chilling with daddy, the middle picture is her staying cool in the shade (in all her chubbiness), her legs and toes are just extras!! She is such a beautiful little girl and it is neat to see her personality come out. And, she still has her blue eyes. I think she'll keep them. So, Chris and Judah have brown eyes, and the rest of us have blue.
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mommarazzi said...

HurraY!!! A Webberley update! I have been really bad about updating my blog recently too. So good to see you and your kiddoes again.

You have a loving and lovely family.
You are blessed indeed!

Misty Throop said...

Family is the BEST! You are blessed with a great husband, and beautiful healthy children. Enjoy them every minute!