Friday, November 13, 2009

Finally, Pictures!!

I don't know if you consider this cheating, but here is a collage of what's been going on the Webb home lately.

The top left pic of Gracie is in an outfit my sister bought and I am finally getting around to blogging it for her. She is so cute!

Below that one is Chris mowing the lawn in style ... with both boys in tow. They both love "helping" Daddy mow. What a great dad he is!! We are so very blessed!

The top middle is the boys in the tub. They love tubby time and enjoy being together most of the time. In fact, since the beginning of the November they have slept in the same room. We made a make-shift bed on the floor to fit both of them and they love it! It makes bedtime easier for us too!

Top right is the boys on Halloween (daytime). Our dear friend, Laura, came over and surprised Ethen with a Superman costume ... his favorite right now. And, now both boys have a suit so they match ... another fun thing they are doing together. Aren't they amazing!!

The bottom right is Judah in time out. We laughed as we put him in time out cause even while being disciplined, he was still so darn cute?!

The bottom middle is Ethens infamous drawing of the Superman logo. He is doing better and better at getting it perfect. The other day I had to convince him that all the "shapes" on the inside of the logo really created an "S" which stands for Superman. He needed Daddy's opinion to really believe it.

And finally, the pic in the very center is the kids just prior to going out to Trick-or-Treat the neighborhood. Living on a loop has a great advantage to Halloween. It is short and sweet, very fun to connect with the neighbors and makes for an easy and safe candy-gathering route!
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someonefamiliar said...

that is adorable! funny thing too, valen went to a party the weekend before and we dressed him as woody also, but definitely not quite as groovy a costume (:

Reese said...

Fun pictures. I think I'm going to start dressing in superhero costumes everyday... they look comfy!