Friday, November 06, 2009

Much ado About Nothing

Not that nothing happens around here, but just that sometimes it seems like it is the same thing that everyone else has go on.

I'll start with Ethen - He is doing so many amazing things right now. He has a real love for learning, especially letters, numbers, shapes and drawings. He loves coloring, but especially drawing the Superman logo. He draws superheros, fruit, trees, and this morning he drew his first smiley-face sun! He is learning more and more letters (besides just being able to sing the alphabet), as well as learning the concept of counting (instead of saying 20-10, rather 30).

Judah - He's so full of enery! He is very busy and also learning. Playing hide-and-seek has really helped him to learn to count ... "8 ... 9 ... 10 ... ready or not, here I come". Although he has been our little jock, he has recently taken to playing with the action figures with Ethen. I guess it started when I was sick w/ my tooth issue. Chris watched the boys all day for about 3 days so the boys had to get along a little better by themselves (partly for Chris's sanity). He has started play fighting with Chris and Ethen but he is not quite "all in" with being rowdy, but the concept is fun. He is also mimicking his brother in many ways. From dressing up in multiple costumes, to saying "hi-yah" like a ninja, and watching Batman and Robin (not for long periods at a time though).

And Gracie - where do I start?? She is now over 18 pounds at 5 months. She has little desire to sit up. When I prop her up in places, she arches her back until shes horizontal again. She isn't too motivated to try and roll over either. She is starting to grab at toys and things and smiles at her brothers a lot!! That makes Judah feel quite special! She is in 9 month clothing very comfortably, but because we are using re-usable diapers, 12 months jammies fit best! I am just so in love with her that I am not sure what else to say besides that she is so mushy and loveable!

We are so in love with all 3 of our kids and really and honestly, I never get enough of them. I never get tired of them. I may get tired of the whining, fussing, crying, fighting, but really, when it's quiet around here .... I'd miss them more. Being a mommy is such a God given gift. I am thankful that God entrusts us with our little munchkins. At the same time, I do miss being selfish with my time ... is there an empty nest out there for me any time soon??

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mommarazzi said...

Robin, I love hearing all about your little ones.

Empty Nest? What is that? I've heard of it but think we'll never see it. So grab any time you can for a little refreshing. Time in worship is the best and you can be very worshipful as you do things for your family. Crank up the Praise music and sing loud!

You and Chris are doing a great job!