Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ouchy ... Poor Ethen!

It been a rough 12 months for Ethen. Last Feb or so, he got Erythema Nodosum (latin for red bumps) on his body, which the doctors thought was part of a reaction to his body having strep (which is bad enough on it's own.) After 2 ER visits and 2 nights in the hospital, we were sent home with some small-time antibiotics and he quickly recovered. It was pretty scary though. Next, he got eye-surgery. He had somewhat of a lazy eye, or put in other terms, an elongated muscle in one eye. Instead of trying to patch the eye for years, hoping it would correct on it's own, we decided to have surgery to shorten the muscles. It worked perfectly. Prior to the surgery, Ethen's right eye would often wander, especially when he was tired. Since the surgery, Chris, nor I, have seen his eye wander not even once! We are so glad we had it done. And I think later, Ethen will be thankful too!
Finally, last week he was startled while climbing down his bunk bed ladder, fell and hit his front teeth on the bottom bunk. A trip to the ER determined he was just fine and a trip to the dentist the next morning determined both teeth are still there, shoved up into his gums. The dentist didnt' seem to worried. They should descend, again, and there should be no permanent damage to them or the permanent teeth. Below is an xray of the before and after.

Let's hope and pray together that the next 12 months doesn't have the name Webbereley and the words Emergency Room in the same sentence!

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Misty Throop said...

That is so cute Robin. No worries. We will take very good care of your little man. He will have open access to my cell phone so he can call you anytime he is feeling homesick. It will be fun! Ethan is excited!