Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's so easy to fall off the wagon ...

I sure love having this blog, but lately, it seems that I just keep putting off blogging. Sorry to all of my followers. Life if booming and much happens, both big stories and small, but they go un-notated due to my other priorities. It's a pretty good excuse, right? I wear many hats and it seems like I do most of them well, but blogger-lady has slacked off.

Tonight is the first time that my Ethen boy is sleeping somewhere other than his own home. Big Ethan (Throop) has captured his heart and he is sleeping over there for the first time ever. I think I've made a bigger deal of it than he has. He's only 4 though. He's never stayed over at Grandma and Grandpa's, and the only time he's been away from us is when I've been at the hospital delivering his 2 younger siblings. I vowed not to call and act like an anxious mom so I waited until bed time and called to say 'I love you'. I must have said it at least 5 or 6 times, but he was so cute and assured me he was fine and having fun.

Ethen operates best when we can forewarn him of what is to come. For instance, we don't just throw him into situations, because he is somewhat inflexible. The poor kid has had so many shots and all the nurses have been so different. This is a rabbit trail, but some of you will appreciate me indulging anyway. If ever we've had to go to the doc for shots, Ethen does best if we can tell him ahead of time what to expect. It doesn't mean that he is ok with it, it just goes better if we do. Some nurses try the sneak-approach and it totally doesn't work with him. He totally freaks out and it couldn't go worse in that situation. I try to tell them that I'd like to know just prior to the shot so that I can talk him through it but some still insist on their methods. So, all that to say, we had a few different conversations throughout the week to see if he was ready for the big day. Each time, he told us he was ready, so we'll have to wait until the morning to hear for sure just how it went.

On a side note, it was quite weird just having 2 kids here at the house. It seemed to be significantly easier. I made dinner and then chocolate chip cookies (yummmmmm) and felt like I wanted to start another project (I didn't though). Not sure how much truth there is in that, but maybe that was just my perception. I'm not saying all you 2-kids parents have it easier, it just seemed different. I do miss my boy a lot. I kinda feel sad and in a way, lonely without him here. I can't wait to see him in the morning and hug him and kiss him and hold him. He'll probably give me the "ok mom ..." but I'll be discrete.

So, I'll try and blog in the very near future to let you all know just how the sleepover went! Thanks for sticking with us!

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jacquelyn said...

that is such a great photo up there!
dahlia stayed at justins parents overnight for the first time a couple weeks ago and i agree, we had it way easier with just valen. no competing for attention and he felt so special to have mommy and daddy both to himself... it was great! but also missed dahlia so much and couldnt wait to go pick her up in the morning!!