Thursday, April 01, 2010

2 Teeth and a 5-yr old

Gracie finally has her 2nd tooth. She is chewing on most anything you give her. She is still not rolling over, nor crawling, nor scooting ... but she does sit very well! She'll be 10 months this coming Sunday, and that will also be Ethens 5th birthday. We watch Sprout (channel) pretty often, Caillou is our favorite. In fact, Ethen and Judah sometimes call Gracie "Rosy" cause that is Caillou's little sister's name and they just love him. Anyway, tonight I submitted a "birthday wish" so I am really excited to see his name roll across the screen. He is so cute and so absolutely loveable! I can't belive he's gonna be 5!

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mommarazzi said...

Happy Birthday to Master Ethen! It won't be long and Gracie will be into everything and following those big brothers all over the place.

Are you going to be official homeschoolers in the Fall or is he going to head off to a local kindergarten? Our Wyatt will be 6 on Wednesday. These kiddoes are growing up so fast!!!!

Have a Blessed Resurrection Day!