Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Girl Walks!

Friday Grace started walking. She has taken a few steps here and there for the last coule of weeks, but when she realized that she wasn't holding on to anything, she'd sit down. She still scoots on her booty sometimes, but she realizes that walking and even sometimes crawling gets her there faster.

She is so cute and so fun right now. I feel like I just keep saying the same thing, but it's just so true! Even Chris says that he's in love with his little girl. Her personality and behavior is so different than the boys. Already she seems very smart and to understand what we are saying. Chris or I can look at her and tell her no and she understands as well as sticks out her pouty lip and she'll obey. She obeys quite quickly. Our boys were a little more stubborn and slower to obey. She is so wonderful and I love all the time I get to spend with her. It's ok if you're jealous. She is pretty amazing!

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mommarazzi said...

I'm sure she has been able to keep up with the boys somewhat before this but watch out now!

Good for you Gracie!