Saturday, March 05, 2011

My Beautiful Girl!

I guess I should explain the pictures before I give the update...the top left is Grace's response to me after I told her no more blueberries. The right picture is her telling me 'no' when I asked her if I could take a picture of my pretty girl (just after the blueberry issue). The bottom left is a victorious moment in the Webb home...Grace finally has enough hair to put up in wispy pig-tails. And, I am so very proud!

So here she little girl. She is growing up so quickly. Not too much longer and she'll be two. She is so fun and her personality is so girly...I guess I say that cause my boys are so...boy. She is really into animals right now and especially into Baby Einstein. She makes several animal noises and my favorite may be the horse whinny, or the grunting/barking bah of the sheep. Her duck noise is pretty cute too though.
Grace is also an avid book reader. It doesn't matter the book, but she certainly lights up more for the ones with animals. She brings us her book along with her blanket and she'll push her way into our laps. She is quite touchy. The boys are certainly touchy, but I think it's because Chris is so affectionate with them. He's such a good daddy!
Grace likes her clothes, she likes stuffed animals, and especially Winnie the Pooh. She sings the theme song (in her own babbling words). I am just so in love with her and the boys. I am so glad that we have a girl. We are going to have a lot of fun times, both in the near future and far.

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jacquelyn said...

children are so wonderful! thanks for sharing about yours! Thank you Jesus for such precious blessings who you use to teach us so much!